This report could not have happened without the generosity, kindness, advice and good faith of many people across our movement. Thank you to Martin Taylor and Sir Trevor Chinn for their support and advice. Thank you to Momentum and Progress in particular Nathan Yeowell and Rachel Godfrey Wood for their submissions and contributions. Thanks to the Community Organising Unit, in particular Dan Firth and Sotez Chowdhury, the English Labour Network, Labour Business, in particular Hamish Sandison and the LGA Labour Group for their submissions and support. Thanks to Dr Matthew Sowemimo, Neal Lawson, Marianna Masters, Jonathan Rutherford and Laura Parker for their insights and advice.

Thank you especially to Lynsey Tod, Olly Nicholson, Marcus Bernasconi, Rebecca Smith and Adam Preston for your support and help organising our commission meetings and correspondence. 

Thank you to the team at Datapraxis, in particular, Paul Hilder and John Sandall, for their comprehensive and unique semantic analysis of the UK’s voter groups and Labour’s performance. Thank you to the team at the British Election Study, Professor Edward Fieldhouse, Dr. Chris Prosser and Dr. Jonathan Mellon, for their submission and access to their research into Labour’s 2019 performance. Thank you to David Cowling, Professor Rob Ford, Professor James Tilley and Professor Geoffrey Evans, Professor John Bartle and Professor Anthony McGann, Professor Christopher Hanretty, Professor Simon Hix, Peter Fairfax and Ludovica for allowing us to access their raw data, insights and advice. Thank you to Chris Curtis, Chantel Le Carpentier at YouGov for their advice. Thank you to Open Council Data, Wikipedia, ParlGov and Democracy Club for their opensource election data collections. Thank you especially to Anna Powell-Smith and Flourish for all their help with data visualisation.

Thank you to The Campaign Company for their brilliant analysis of our member’s survey and helping us to the conduct our candidate interviews. Thanks to all the brilliant Labour candidates and former MPs and MEPs we spoke to and for taking the time to contribute at must have been a busy period including: Richard Burden, Helen Goodman, Susan Dungworth, Lucy Burke, Susan Elan Jones, Chris Altree, Thelma Walker, Tony Tinley, Liz McInnes, David Drew, Faisal Rashid, Mike Buckley, Faiza Shaheen, Richard Corbett, Lucy Caldicott, Rachel Eden, David Hanson, Martin Whitfield, Nicholas Dakin, Gareth Snell, Ruth Smeeth, Mary Creagh, Paul Sweeney, John Howarth, Jackie  Jones and Chris Webb. Thanks to Common Knowledge and all the party activists, staff members and CLP officers who were happy to speak to them.

Thank you to the TSSA and in particular Manuel Cortes and Chris Clark for writing the Trade Union Submission. Thank you to Len McClusky from Unite, Michael Wheeler from USDAW, Austin Kelmore from IWGB (Gameworkers) and Bex Hay from Organise.

Thank you to Valent Projects, in particular Amil Khan, for their investigation into the Conservative’s Digital Strategy. Thanks to CCDH, in particular Will Prescott, Imran Ahmed and Stefan Baskerville for their research into online activity across Facebook Groups and disinformation. Thank you to Campaign Lab and Robbie Sinclair for their initial work on identifying local campaign effectiveness. 

Thank you to Britain Thinks for organising our citizens’ panel and for helping to show us how our coalition could be constructed in the future.

Thank you to Edward Saperia, Dean of The London College of Political Technologists for his continued support and advice on digital engagement and organising in online spaces.

Thank you to the team at Small Axe in particular Jana Mills, Rosalba Ellis, Nadia Meeran, Damiaan Melis and Luke Walter for their help bringing this report and Labour Together to life. 

Finally thank you to every Labour Party member, activist, CLP officer and Labour supporter who filled in our surveys, submitted their thoughts and ideas and who have helped us to construct this way forward.